Patek Phillipe’s Grandmaster Chime 175th Anniversary Watch is the World’s Most Complicated

Watch the Patek Phillipe 175th anniversary Grandmaster Chime wristwatch come to life as this video shows it’s production from sketch to complete watch. The stunning double face reversible case has 214 separate components. The moon phase dial is spectacular. The watch features 20 complications making it the most complicated watch in the world. The movement has 1366 separate components.  This watch took 7 years of development plus 2 years or production. The watch features 5 chimes including grande sonnerie, petite sonnerie, minute repeater, patented date repeater, patented alarm with time strike. The watch utilizes 3 gongs. The Patek Phillipe Grandmaster Chime is so innovative it has been awarded 6 patents for new inventions. A stunning example of engineering. Enjoy.

Uploaded by Trust Me, I’m An Engineer !


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