Cuckoo Clock Movements 8 Day and 30 Hour Regula 25 and 34

This is a recent lot of vintage cuckoo clock movements 8 day and 30 hour Regula 25 and 34 series. The movements all seem to be in pretty good shape but all are missing pieces. They all have very clean brass with very light wear on any metal pieces. Some of the movements have dancers platforms. The Regula 25 is the 30 hour cuckoo clock movement. The Regula 34 is the 8 day cuckoo clock movement. They do not come with chains or weights. They are being sold as is untested for parts or repair. The prices range between 19.99 and 34.99 depending on quality and degree of wear. All of my items come from my shop and are well packed and promptly shipped. Click the following link to visit our store

Cuckoo Clock Movements


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