Vintage Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Case with a Hand Carved Owl and Fox

Vintage Black Forest cuckoo clock case with a hand carved Front panel highlighted by a large owl at the crest and a fox. The case also has a bunch of grapes next to the dial opening which should have a matching bunch on the other side but it is missing. The back door of the cuckoo clock case has a stamp that reads “Made in Germany” and “Cuckoo Clock MFG CO.” The case has a few scratches and will need a little work but it is in very good shape. The owl is 6″ from the tail to the top of the head. The whole clock front panel is about 15.5″ tall by 12″ at it’s widest point. The bird door is still attached as well as the 4″ gong on the back door. The rear of the case measures about 9′ at it’s crest by 6″ wide. This case and many other antique and vintage cuckoo clock cases are available in our Ebay store click the link to Visit Store.






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