Clock Parts Wholesale Lot Alarm Wall and Assorted Dials and Movements


Giant clock parts lot. 35 pound box full. Most need repair. Many alarm clocks, wall clocks, mantle clocks, clock parts, dials, bezels, movements, and everything is pictured. I have not tested any of the items. They are sold as found. Some of the brands are new haven, pilot, chronomaster, westclox, harmony house, reliance, united clock company, commodore, and others.

Clock Parts Wholesale Lot Clock Parts Wholesale Lot 4 Clock Parts Whole Sale Lot 6 Clock Parts Wholesale Lot 8 Clock Parts Lot 9 Clock Parts Lot 10 Clock Parts Lot 11 Clock Parts Lot 12 Clock Parts Lot 3 Clock Parts LotClock Parts Lot  Clock Parts Lot 4 Clock Parts Lot 1


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